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voorzijde Vanuit de Zuidas 20,5 cm72
‘Vanuit de Zuidas’,

Five writers/artists respond to the development of the very prestigious Amsterdam Zuidas. From the former St. Nicholas Monastery on the edge of the Beatrix Park, they explored the Zuidas to record their findings and thoughts about it. Each story is a personal quest for this new part of the city.

Introduction, concept, production and final editing Meinke Horn, with contributions by K. Schippers, Dirk van Weelden, Jan Rothuizen, Mileta Prodanovic, K. Michel and Melle Hammer.

Design Sanne Beeren.

Publisher: Bas Lubberhuizen.

The book is available at Uitgeverij Bas Lubberhuizen, tel. 020-618 41 32, or by email: and at the better bookshops. 115 pages full colour, 19,50 €, ISBN 978-90-5937-231-3