Artist / curator / art advisor


The Free Spaces Zuidas (Vrije Ruimten Zuidas) Artists In Residence is a project and think tank, set up and developed by Meinke Horn for the virtual Museum Zuidas, between 2004 and 2012.

De Vrije Ruimten Zuidas AIR, in collaboration with partner institutions, invited artists from different disciplines to conduct independent research into the Zuidas on site. The outcomes of this research project – well-founded visions, inventive and alternative perspectives and artworks made specifically for the place and context – were presented in exhibitions, a symposium and in publications. The Free Spaces Zuidas AIR established an explicit relationship between visual art, urban design and the public domain.

opzoeknaarhethartvandezuidas 20,5, 72‘Op zoek naar het hart van de Zuidas’ / ‘In Search of the Heart of the Zuidas’ (NL/ENG),

Publication Vrije Ruimten Zuidas AIR 2012.

Introduction, concept, production and final editing Meinke Horn, with contributions by Judith Leysner, Leonard van Munster and Zoro Feigl.

Design Katja van Stiphout

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